Admissions at Abu Bakr Girls School

Abu Bakr Girls School is an Islamic, Independent, high-achieving Girls School.  We are an inclusive school and we welcome pupils from all religions, backgrounds and cultures provided they respect the Islamic ethos of the school as stated in our mission statement. Parents are encouraged to visit our website where they can find lots of information about the School or attend one of our Open Days/Evenings to help make an informed choice about their daughter’s education.

The Admissions Process

There are two ways in which parents may apply for a place at Abu Bakr Girls School·

Most applicants join the school via the main entry point at Year 7.
The second means of entry is that of a casual admission to any year group to fill a vacancy

The application process begins with the completion of an application Form (Available from the office or on our website) and the payment of a £150, non-refundable, registration fee.
All prospective students are required to take an entrance test based on Mathematics& English. No specific preparation for the entrance tests is needed; all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their academic aptitude.

Abu Bakr Girls School does not discriminate in any way regarding entry. The School welcomes students with specific educational needs, providing that we can offer them the support that they require. Abu Bakr Girls School reserves the right to refuse entry to a child whose needs cannot be adequately met by the school in order for them to thrive.

Students will need to meet or exceed age-related expectations in the entrance test to be considered for admission.
Students who perform satisfactorily in the entrance tests will be invited, with parents, to attend an induction interview (provided there are still places available in the year group applied for).

Following a successful interview, a firm offer will be made for a place at Abu Bakr Girls School subject to the signing and completion of all associated paperwork including the home-school agreement and finance arrangements.

Year 7 Applications

There are a maximum of 68 places available with three forms of up to approximately 23 pupils. Parents should apply for admission by 31st October for their child to be considered for a place although applications will be considered throughout the academic year or until all places are full.


Throughout the school, our classes have an average of 24 pupils per class.  Class sizes are generally restricted to a maximum of 26 pupils. In exceptional circumstances, the Headteacher, may increase an individual class capacity in response to the circumstances at the time.

The school prepares pupils exceptionally well for the experiences, opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult life.
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